Research Activities

About 60 years of Tambov State Technical University history promoted it as Primary University for Regional Economy, supporting and developing economy, science, education and culture in Tambov region.

The University cooperates with educational institutions, academic and industrial research institutes, high tech enterprises and corporations as stakeholders.

Research and innovative activities in TSTU are strategically planned and managed by the Department of Science.

The research is conducted in 150 scientific and research laboratories, 8 scientific and educational centers, 3 centers of shared access, 14 spinoff companies.

Priority directions of TSTU research activities:

  • Chemistry, functional and construction materials, nanotechnologyli
  • Information systems and information security
  • Energy- and resource-saving, tool engineering and radio electronics
  • Rational nature management and environment protection
  • Communicative aspects of the historical, legal and socio-economic development of society

There are 14 leading scientific schools functioning in TSTU. They are headed by famous and well-known scientists, recognized by Russian and international academic community.

High level of research results received by TSTU scientific schools is proved by publications with high citation index, number of patents, active participation in national, federal and regional target programs, exhibitions and conferences.

The university has 8 specialized committees having the right to award degrees of Candidate of Sciences and Doctor of Sciences in 15 scientific directions.

TSTU offers a wide range of post-graduate courses leading to the award of the Candidate of Science Degree (corresponding to Ph.D in Europe).

01.06.01Mathematics and MechanicsMechanics of Strained Rigid Body
04.06.01Chemical SciencesElectrochemistry
05.06.01Earth SciencesEcology
08.06.01Engineering and Technology of Civil EngineeringStructural Units, Buildings and Constructions
Building Materials and Products
Design and Construction of Highways, Underground Railroads, Aerodromes, Bridges and Tunnels
Aerodromes, Bridges and Tunnels
09.06.01Informatics and Computer EngineeringSystem Analysis, Automated Information Processing Systems
Automated Information and Control Systems
Theoretical Fundamentals of Computer Science
Mathematical Modeling and Information Processing
Information Systems and Processes
10.06.01Information SecurityMethods and Systems of Information Protection, Information Security
11.06.01Electronics, Radioelectronics and Communication SystemsRadio Equipment Including Television Equipment and Systems
Telecommunication Systems, Networks and Devices
Radiolocation and Radio Navigation
12.06.01Photonics, Instrumentation, Optical and Bioengineering Systems and TechnologiesDevices and Methods of Control over Environment, Substances, Materials and Products
Medical Devices, Systems and Products
Information Measurement Systems
13.06.01Electrical Engineering and Heat EngineeringElectrical Engineering Complex and Systems
15.06.01Mechanical engineeringMachines, Devices and Processes
18.06.01Chemical EngineeringTechnology of Electrochemical Processes and Corrosion Protection
Processes and Devices of Chemical Engineering
19.06.01Industrial Ecology and BiotechnologyIndustrial Ecology
27.06.01Engineering Systems ControlAutomation and Control over Processing and Productions
Information, Measurement and Control Systems
28.06.01Nanotechnologies and NanomaterialsNanotechnologies and Nanomaterials of Special Purpose
35.06.04Technologies and Facilities for Mechanization and Energy Equipment in Agriculture, Forestry and FisheriesTechnologies and Facilities for Agriculture Mechanization
38.06.01EconomicsEconomics and Quality Management
Finances, Currency Circulation and Credit
40.06.01LawCriminal Procedure
Criminal Law and Criminology, Criminal Executive Law
Theory and History of State; History of Law and State Studies
41.06.01Political Sciences and Regional StudiesPolitical Institutions, Processes and Technologies
44.06.01Education and Pedagogical SciencesTheory and Methods of Professional Education
45.06.01Linguistics and LiteratureLinguistic Theory
46.06.01Historical Studies and ArchaeologyNative History