Diploma Supplement

What is a Diploma Supplement?

The Diploma Supplement (DS) is a document accompanying a higher education diploma, providing a standardized description of the nature, level, context, content and status of the studies completed by its holder.

The Diploma Supplement is also part of international framework transparency tools.

What are the benefits?

For students:

  • a qualification that is more readable and easily comparable abroad
  • a precise description of their academic career and the competencies acquired during their studies
  • easier access to opportunities for work or further studies abroad

For higher education institutions:

  • more transparent qualifications
  • informed judgements about qualifications that can be understood in other educational contexts
  • greater visibility of the institution abroad
  • enhanced employment prospects for their graduates, both at home and abroad

TSTU graduates can obtain the Diploma Supplement

Diploma Supplement is issued at the individual request of any TSTU graduate student (any graduation year, specialty, mode of study) in English language.

To receive the Diploma Supplement, you should submit the following documents:

  • copy of TSTU diploma
  • copy of TSTU diploma supplement
  • application addressed to the rector
  • copy of the first page of the foreign passport

The fee for a Diploma Supplement is 3730 rubles.

Another way to legalize Russian higher education diploma

Another way to legalize Russian higher education diploma is to confirm the documents by "Apostille" at the Department of Education and Science of Tambov Region.

Apostille affixed documents are valid on the territory of the countries, participating in the Hague Convention without additional legalization.

Read more information onthe official website of the Department of Education and Science of Tambov region.

Apply for the Diploma Supplement

To apply for the Diploma Supplement or further information please contact International Relations Office

Address: Room 29, 106/5, Building 2, Sovetskaya Str., Tambov, 392000, Russia

Tel: +7 (4752) 63-01-12

E-mail: ums@tstu.ru