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Tambov State Technical University is considered to be one of the largest educational institutions in the region. It was founded in 1958 as the Tambov affiliate of Moscow Institute of Chemical Engineering and called Tambov Institute of Chemical Engineering.

In 1993 the Institute was renamed into Tambov State Technical University. More than 40 000 specialists with diplomas of higher education have been trained during 55 years of university existence.

Many university graduates head large industrial enterprises and institutions of the Tambov region as well as other Russian areas. Now the university presents itself an integral system of continuous education connecting preschool, school, university and post-graduate levels. The basic principles of this system are: availability of education for all society groups, life-long character of education, combination of humanitarian and technical courses.

University Mission is expressed by the following formula: to receive, store, develop and disseminate knowledge using modern information technologies, to provide educational and consulting services, create unique high tech products, to train competitive specialists for Russia and univerational market, to support economic development of each RF administrative unit (hereto: the Tambov region).

Now the University comprises 8 institutes, 3 faculties, 49 departments, offers 32 Bachelor programs, 54 Master courses and 3 graduate programs in various fields. Total number of students is about 12000. The University is located in 8 buildings, has a library with the stock of 1500000 books, 4 student hostels, 4 canteens, a stadium, a swimming pool, camps in the countryside near the river.

University graduates have the opportunity to continue their education at the post-graduate school, and then at the doctorate. Tambov State Technical University has its own publishing house.
The research results are published in the scientific journals "TSTU Transactions" with abstracts in four languages and "Problems of Contemporary Science and Practice. Vernadsky University". The students' newspaper "Alma-mater" is also very popular.
The University has its TV-studio making films about the University life and advertising videos.

TSTU has a status of resource center of RF Central Federal region in education informatization;
univerational recognition of TSTU educational activities in 85 foreign countries is proved by the univerational IQNET Certification (IQNET and Quality Austria).

Pre-university training is presented by associated colleges. Center for advanced training and retraining is also an important part of the university structure.
These subdivisions together with the main institutes and faculties form a system of continuous education..

More than 450 univerational students from 50 countries study at Tambov State Technical University.
Foreign Professors come to TSTU to read lectures, University students and employees participate in academic mobility processes, univerational conferences are organised: the University is developing rapidly.


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