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29 May 2020, 10:00 
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  1. Leader Roman Morgunov Isotopic spin engineering of silicon surface for quantum computing, Russian Foundation for Basic researches (2015) 13-07-12027, 2013 – 2015

    Project is focused on development of new technologies to control reaction on silicon surface controlled by electronic and nuclear spins. Long relaxation time of nuclear spins provides good conditions for creation of quantum bit based on silicon. We found magnetic isotope effect in 29Si enriched crystals.

  2. Slow magnetic relaxation in spin switches based on CoFeB

      Within this framework:
    • We discovered new types of nonlinear spin excitations in molecular magnets, as well as a number of physical effects that accompany the evolution of these excitations in a constant and a microwave magnetic field.
    • The fact of the existence of abnormally high magnetoresistance films of Ge:Mn is installed. New patterns of influence of ferromagnetic inclusions in the charge transfer in dilute magnetic semiconductors and their heterostructures are identified.

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