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Титульная страница ТГТУ
Титульная страница ТГТУ  

At present, TSTU consists of 8 institutes and 2 faculties, 40 departments and 3 associated colleges providing study in accredited study programs within the complex system of bachelor, specialist, master and post-graduate levels.
    Degree programs are compliant with the Bologna system and comprise three levels:
  • Bachelor and Specialist programs with 4 or 5-year periods of study respectively
  • Master programs - 2 years
  • Post-graduate programs - 3 or 4 years
    Every year TSTU offers about 300 degree and non-degree programs available in seven main areas:
  1. Chemical Engineering, Nanotechnologies, Materials and Technologies
  2. Architecture, Civil Engineering, Municipal and Urban Engineering
  3. Power, Tool Engineering and Radio Electronics
  4. Information and Telecommunication Technologies
  5. Biotechnologies and Processing of Agricultural Products
  6. Economics and Law
  7. Rational Nature Management, Ecology and Energy- and Resource-Saving
The language of instruction for the majority of programs is Russian.
Besides degree programs taught in Russian TSTU offers Master programs taught in English

Pre-university training is presented by associated colleges including Technical and Multidisciplinary colleges and Polytechnic Boarding School for gifted children. These subdivisions together with the main institutes and faculties form a system of continuous education.
TSTU graduates have the opportunity to continue education at the post-graduate school, and then at the doctorate.
The system of additional professional training and retraining presents itself an institute comprising ten specialized centers for training and professional development, offering more than 50 study programs being annually renewed considering changeable demands of economy, industry and regional labour market. Every year about 2500 specialists from Tambov and neighboring regions get advanced professional training and retraining including training in innovative programs.


TSTU Tambov State Technical University

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