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Section: "Material Science. Nano Technology"
    2014 (Number of items: 1)
  • Tyalina V.A., Mishchenko S.V., Tyalin Yu.I. Mathematical Modeling of Growth and Interaction of Elastic Twins // Scientific article. Journal "Transactions of the TSTU", vol. 20 , Tambov. TSTU publisher house , 2014. (pdf-file)
    Abstract: Dislocation models of twins, represented by jogged positions of twinning dislocations at the boundaries, were examined. Uniform distribution of dislocations in an elastic twin, growing under the action of point load was calculated. Calculations of interaction of the contrary elastic twins were made. The results explain peculiarities of interaction of the contrary elastic twins observed during the experiment. Stresses which appeared in a zone surrounding the twin were determined. The manner of stress distribution allows explaining peculiarities of contrary twin interaction. In the experiment the formation of microcrack nucleation at distances up to 100 мm was observed. The microcrack nucleation can be caused by superposition field of tension stresses of interacting twins. Microcrack nucleation according to Fujita mechanism is considered to be more probable.
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