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Section: "Machine-building. Building-construction. Material science. Metal-working"
    2012 (Number of items: 1)
  • Rodionov Yu.V., Zakharzhevsky S.B., Vorobyov V.B., Nikitin D.V., Shestakov V.E. Calculation of Operating Speed for Two-Stage Liquid Sliding-Vane Vacuum Pump // Journal "Problems of Contemporary Science and Practice" Vernadsky University , Tambov. TSTU publisher house , 2012. (pdf-file)
    Abstract: The paper deals with the calculation of operating speed for liquid sliding-vane vacuum pump and stating the loss factor. The mathematical model of real gas flow through the hinge seal is given. The paper presents the laboratory-scale set-up for calculating experimentally the volume of gas leakage through the hinge seal.
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