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Section: "Power Engineering. Energy Saving. Ecology"
    2013 (Number of items: 2)
  • Capannelli G., R. Di Felice, Bianco V. Innovation Technology Issues for Energy Savings and Environmental Control: The Experience of Ticass Regional Innovation Hub // Journal "Problems of Contemporary Science and Practice" Vernadsky University , Tambov. TSTU publisher house , 2013. (pdf-file)
    Abstract: The paper describes the role and experience of Innovative Technologies for Environmental Control and Sustainable Development (TICASS) as a non-profit organization promoting research activities, and transferring excellence technologies in the energy and environment management practices. The main areas of work as well as current projects have been highlighted. Special attention is paid to research activities and technological innovations in the fields of energy and environment to improve the life quality and sustainable development. Training programs for Master and PhD Students specialized in renewable energy technology are described. The examples of projects TICASS is currently involved in are given.
  • Stanko S., Skultetyova I. Sanitation Necessity and Environmental Education // Journal "Problems of Contemporary Science and Practice" Vernadsky University , Tambov. TSTU publisher house , 2013. (pdf-file)
    Abstract: The paper focuses on the problem of sanitation in terms of three main aspects: the need, environmental culture and business. In today's world, the problem of sanitation is particularly relevant. As history shows, the problem of sanitation is important for people with a high standard of living. What is the main factor in improving sanitation? The systematic disposal of wastewater is an excellent example of a highly developed civilization. Is this solution available to all people in the world, or just for a small percentage of the population? The problem of environmental sustainability, global shortages of water and energy are closely linked to the problem of sanitation. The paper shows the need for the improvement in sanitation, standards of sanitary conditions in various countries of the world are compared. Also the computer system for the design of sewage in the Slovak conditions is briefly described.
    2011 (Number of items: 2)
    2010 (Number of items: 1)

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