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Section: "Metrology, Standardization and Quality Control"
    2005 (Number of items: 1)
  • Koch W.H., Ponomareva E.S. Cutting Values Decision Making for Extended Machining Process Quality // Scientific article. Journal "Transactions of the TSTU", vol. 11 , Tambov. TSTU publisher house , 2005. (pdf-file)
    Abstract: In practice solution results of the cutting values optimisation problem are often not flexible enough to choose for the concrete decision making in the workshop. Beyond single set of the optimal cutting values f*, vc*, there are ranges of vital interest around them, i.e., reasonable decision making intervals. Based on Koch (1988), a new approach to get better, flexible solutions for the machining problem is presented. The original general and a simplified mathematical models for the decision making scope with predetermined risk are formulated. For a known example the optimum ranges for the simplified mathematical model are obtained and introduced.

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