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Technological Institute
Address: 112, Michurinskaya st. Phones: +7 (4752) 63-03-88, 63-03-97 E-mail: mmf@nnn.tstu.ru

Director - Candidate of Tech.Sc., Assistant Professor Dmitry L. Polushkin
    • Mechanics and Engineering Graphics
    • Nanotechnology Engineering
    • Computer Integrated Systems in Mechanical Engineering
    • Materials and Technologies
    • Nature Management and Environment Protection
    • Technology and Methods of Nanoproducts Manufacturing
    • Technology and Equipment for Food and Chemical Production
    • Technological Processes, Devices and Technosphere Safety
    • Chemistry and Chemical Technologies

The oldest TSTU Faculty "Mechanical Engineering" was reorganized into Technological Institute in 1997. Nowadays it is one of the largest structural units of the University.

Teaching staff includes 200 people, among them 26 Professors, 80 Doctors and Candidates of Sciences.

Technological institute is the largest center in Tambov region for training of specialists in mechanical and chemical engineering, material science, nature management, food production and modern technologies.

It actively cooperates with leading regional industrial enterprises: JSC "Komsomolets", JSC "Pigment", JSC "TAMAK", JSC "Confectionery company "TAKF" and others.

The graduates acquire practical skills essential to work with high tech equipment, as well as a broad theoretical knowledge.

The Institute infrastructure includes research and educational centers "Nanotechnology and New Materials", "Solid Phase Technologies", "New Chemical Technologies", "Oil Chemistry", "Ecotechnologies", etc. providing effective transfer of advanced technologies and competitive products manufacturing; interdisciplinary research laboratory "Computer Modeling, Optimization and Design of Automated Processes, Machinery and Manufacturing systems in Chemical, Food and Biotechnology", laboratory of remote access "Design and Operation of Chemical and Technological Systems".

The staff develops and introduces courses taught in English, participates in international conferences, exhibitions, joint projects and exchange programs. The Institute departments support long-term cooperation with research and academic institutions in Russia and abroad as well as with regional businesses and industrial enterprises forming the triangle "Science-University-Industry".
    BACHELOR PROGRAMS (Degree: Bachelor, Full course: 4 years)
  • Processing Machinery and Equipment
  • Design and Technological Maintenance of Engineering Productions
  • Nanoengineering
  • Chemical Technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Energy and Resource Saving Processes in Chemical, Petrochemical Technology and Biotechnology
  • Production of Vegetable Foodstuff
  • Technology for Printing and Packaging Production
  • Technosphere Safety
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Material Science and Materials Technology
  • Ecology and Nature Management
  • Oil and Gas Engineering
    MASTER PROGRAMS (Degree: Master, Full course: 4+2 years)
  • Design of Engineering Production Facilities
  • Innovations, Machinery and Equipment Market
  • Machinery and Equipment of Industrial Ecology
  • Information Support for Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemistry and Technology of Core Organic and Petrochemical Synthesis Products
  • Energy and Resource Saving Processing and Devices
  • Industrial Biotechnology and Bioengineering
  • Innovation Technologies and Equipment of Food Production
  • Industrial Safety
  • Industrial Ecology and Rational Use of Natural Resources
  • Materials Science and Materials Technology in Mechanical Engineering and Tool Engineering
  • System Analysis of Design Solutions
  • Innovation Technologies, Equipment and Materials
  • Nanoengineering in Mechanical Engineering
  • Technology for Polymer Packaging Production and Recycling
  • Engineering Technology
  • Oil and Gas Engineering

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