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Faculty of Natural and Social Sciences
Address: 112, Michurinskaya st. Phones: +7 (4752) 63-04-53 E-mail: egf@tambov.ru

Dean - D. of Econ. Sc.Ass. Professor, Roman R. Tolstyakov
    • Higher Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Foreign Languages and Professional Communication
    • History and Philosophy
    • Physical Education and Sport

The Faculty of Natural and Social Sciences was founded in 2013. Teaching staff includes 67 people, 53 of them are Professors, Doctors and Candidates of Sciences and 12 are technical and administrative representatives.
Its mission is training of qualified bachelor, master and post-graduate students in the field of natural sciences and humanities able to acquire academic and professional competences according to the curriculum requirements.
    The main goals of the Faculty:
  • complex adaptation of the 1st and 2nd year students;
  • popularization of fundamental education among the youth;
  • organization of cooperation with institutes and faculties.
    In accordance with the objectives and mission of TSTU the Faculty performs the following tasks:
  • implements educational programs of continuing professional education in fundamental natural sciences and humanities;
  • carries out fundamental and / or applied research in priority directions;

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