The Tambov 
Region Is a Motherland of Ye.A.Boratynsky

In 2000 we had celebrated the 200th anniversary of the prominent Russian
poet Ye.A.Boratynsky (1800-1844). His name is closely connected with the Tambov region, where he spent a considerable part of his life in the family country estate Mara.

This site is dedicated to Ye.Boratynsky's life and creative work:

Till recently the estate "Mara" was the ruins, the cut down
park, the tumble-down necropolis. At present, thanks to the efforts of the local lore students, department of culture, all those, who value history of the Tambov region, many things are being changed for the better. The cemetry has been arranged, the room-museum has been founded and the road has been repaired. We hope, that the part of cultural heritage, connected with the name of Ye.Boratynsky, will be preserved for the next generations.

We are very much obliged to Tambov local lore students such as
V.G.Shpilchin, M.A.Klimkova for their help in creation of this site.