Sergei Rakhmaninov's Museum in Ivanovka


By the beginning of the 1960s it turned out none of the former estate
buildings escaped distruction. Only some part of the foundation, overgrown with the weeds, remained whole. Formed in 1966, the Tambov department of All-Russian Society of History and Culture Memorial Preservation had no funds to restore the estate.
In March 1967 there took place the debates about Sergei Rakhmaninov.
A year later (March, 26, 1968) there were opened the room-museum of Rakhmaninov by the Tambov Ethnography Museum in the collective farm club house. It took a form of the great festival of music and started the Rakhmaninov's Day in Ivanovka, hold annually in June or May. Every year the number of performers had been increasing. The teachers and pupils, ensembles, choruses and folk orchestras took part in the concerts. The programme includes Rakhmaninov's and Russian composers' compositions, folk songs, Soviet and foreign music.
In 1971 it had been started building of the outhouse to the design of
V.M.Belousov, where the Rakhmaninovs lived. In 1973 it had been selebrated the 100th anniversary of S.Rakhmaninov's burthday. In February, 24, 1978 Tambov regional officials decided to form Rakhmaninov's memorial museum in Ivanovka as a branch of the Tambov Ethnography Museum. A.I.Yermakov is the director of the museum. The museum was opened for visitors in July, 18, 1982. The so-called White House was opened in September, 24, 1995. The grand opening was attended by the representatives of Ministry of Culture, regional officials, musicians and composers.

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